Swag Bucks: Search & Get Rewarded!


Have you signed up with Swag Bucks yet?

Swag Bucks is a great way to get rewarded for something that you already do – searching the web. I am a huge fan of Swag Bucks because I can save the Swag Bucks that I earn to use on all kinds of gift certificates, here are a few rewards:

1300 Swagbucks = $10 Starbucks Gift Card
450 Swagbukcs = $5 Amazon Gift Cards
700 Swagbucks = $5 cash into your Paypal Account

Sign up today & earn 30 points just for signing up! Also, did ¬†mention that it is Mega Swag Bucks Friday which means they are awarding even bigger bucks! Just thought you might wanna know… ;)

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