Couponing Video Series: Types of Coupons & How to Get Them – Part 2


1. Magazine Coupons

-All You is the best magazine for coupons

-Any parenting, mothering, home, gardening magazine usually carries coupons

-look for discounted subscriptions online

2. Coupons found in Grocery Stores

- Coupon booklet

- Peelie

- Blinke

- Wine Tag/Hang Tag (I want to clarify I am not suggesting you purchase a wine bottle. These can be found on wine bottles & other bottles in the stores- usually no purchase is necessary)

- Tearpad

- Catalina

3. Store Coupons

- These can only be used in the store that has issued the coupon

- Can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupon

Ways to get these coupons-

- In the store

- Online

- Magazines

4. E-coupons

- Download onto your savings card

Ways to get these coupons-



Ask your store if they allow coupons past the expiration date (You won’t know unless you ask!)

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Have any questions? Please feel free to contact me and ask!

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